RSC Standing Committees/Working Groups/Task Forces

Standing Committees

The Committee for Equity and Diversity
The Committee is responsible for advising the Council of the Society on matters related to equity and diversity.
Chair: Carl James
Members: Daniel Castillo Durante, Academy I Representative; Joan Sangster, Academy I Representative; Constance Backhouse, Academy II Representative, Richard Bourhis, Academy II Representative; Frances Henry, Academy II Representative; Veronica Strong-Boag, Academy II Representative;  Robert Reisz, Academy III Representative; Barbara Sherwood-Lollar, Academy III Representative

The Committee for the Nomination of Officers
The Committee is responsible for overseeing of the processes leading to the nomination of Officers of Society.
Chair: Graham Bell, Past-President
Members: Maryse Lassonde, President, Irving Abella, President, Academy I; Constance Backhouse, President, Academy II; Jamal Deen, President, Academy III; Sheila Embleton, Honorary Secretary; Jean-Marie-Toulouse, Honorary Treasurer; Robert Proulx, Institutional Member Representative 

The Awards and Recognition Committee
The Committee is responsible for overseeing of the processes leading to awards administered by the Society.
Chair: Vacant
Members: Yolande Cohen, Past-President, AcademyI; Gonia Jarema, Secretary, Academy I; Simon Langlois, Past-President, Academy II; Joseph-Yvon Thériault, Academy II; Keith Hipel, Past-President, Academy III; Jacque Derome, Secretary, Academy III

The Committee on Expert Panels
The Committee is responsible for overseeing Expert Panel projects initiated and published by the Royal Society of Canada.
Chair: David Layzell; Expert Panel Secretary
Members: Guy Laforest, Academy II Representative; Sarah P. Otto, Academy III Representative; Yolande Cohen, Academy I Representative, John Smol, Member-at-Large

The Scientific Advisory Committee
The Committee is responsible for overseeing all substantive aspects of the Expert Panel process, including approving the initial terms of reference for panel projects, recommending the membership of panels, including the Chair, overseeing the conduct of panel activities, managing the peer review of the draft final report, and selecting the Peer Review Monitor.
Chair: David Layzell, Expert Panel Secretary
Members: Keith Banting, Francoise Baylis, Timothy Caulfield, John Grace, Jeff Hutchings, Judy Illes, Steve Larter, Louise Lemyre, Mona Nemer, Harrie Vredenburg

The Committee on Fellowship
The Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Divisional structure and the numbers and distribution of new Fellows of the Society by discipline, geography and gender reflect the current state of scholarship in Canada.
Chair: Yolande Grisé; Past President
Members: Patricia Demers, Academy I Representative; Louis Maheu, Academy I Representative; Jill Vickers, Academy II Representative; Jacques Derome, Academy III Representative

The Committee on International Affairs
The Committee is responsible for overseeing bilateral and multilateral initiatives undertaken by the Society.
Chair: Jeremy McNeil; Foreign Secretary
Members: Lorraine B. Code, Representaive, Academy I; Ghislain Otis, Representative, Academy II; Stephen Larter, Representative, Academy III

The Finance Committee
The Committee is responsible for developing a general financial policy and for reviewing the investment portfolio of the Society.
Chair: Jean-Marie Toulouse, Honorary Treasurer
Members: Sheila Embleton, Honorary Secretary (ex officio); Greg Kealey; Academy I Representative; Jean-Thomas Bernard, Academy II Representative, Mark Sutton, Academy III Representative, Carolyn Davis, IM Representative

The Committee on Interventions in the Public Interest
The Ad hoc Committee was established in 2012 to respond to requests for intervention and to develop policy recommendations for consideration by the RSC President and Council.
Chair: Pekka Sinervo
Members: Bill Waiser, Academy I Representative; Monica Heller, Academy II Representative; Jeremy McNeil, Foreign Secretary

The Committee for the Selection of Specially Elected Fellows
The Committee is responsible for reviewing all nominations for Specially Elected Fellows and recommend to the Council of the Society candidates for election (By-Law 12.11).
Chair: Yolande Grisé
Members: Len Findlay, Academy I Representative; Yolande Chohen, Academy I Representative; Allan G. Bell, Academy I Representative; Neena Chappell, Academy II Representative; Simon Langlois, Academy II Represenative; Marie D'Iorio, Academy III Representative; Jacques Derome, Academy III Represenative; Maria Sokolowski, Academy III Representative; Keith Hipel, Academy III Representative